Daniele Gottardo

Daniele Gottardo is an Italian guitar player, composer, producer, and educator. He composes and performs original music for guitar and chamber orchestra as well as records and performs a variety of styles, from modern jazz-rock to pop.

Daniele has developed a reputation worldwide, not just only for his virtuosic technical abilities and versatility, but for the depth and sophistication of his compositions. Steve Vai recently named Daniele his favorite up-and-coming guitarist:

“I’m often asked who is my favorite new young guitar player. Well, here he is: Daniele Gottardo. He’s Italian, and I have been following him for quite some time now. He has an elegant touch, stunning intonation, innovational style, and he honors the melody. Enjoy, and check out his new record Non Temperato for a real treat.” Steve Vai

As a solo artist, Daniele has produced two albums: Frenzy of Ecstasy (2010, Digital Nations) and Non Temperato (2014, self-released). Both albums stand out for their highly innovative and signature use of electric guitar within a compositional and orchestral context. Additionally, his jazz-rock trio, The Nuts, recently released their bold debut album, Giant Nuts (2016, self-released), a ferocious combination of chops, energy, and musical sophistication.

Daniele has served as an artistic producer for various projects, recently as strings producer for the upcoming album of guitar legend, Jason Becker. In 2016 he collaborated with Michael Molenda, Editor-in-Chief of Guitar Player Magazine, and American guitarist/composer, Gretchen Menn, on Abandon All Hope, a concept album based on Dante’s Inferno that blends modern and classical instruments.

As a teacher, he had partnered with the internationally-acclaimed Modern Music Institute to develop his Guitar System course, and has released several instructional courses with the prestigious Jam Track Central.

He has performed in some of the most important, international guitar festivals, including Malibu Guitar Festival (USA, 2017), Guitare En Scene (France, 2016), Ziua Chitarelor (Romania, 2016), Jason Becker Not Dead Yet Festival (Holland, 2013), Eddie Lang Jazz Festival (Italy, 2010, 2013, 2015), to name a few.

Daniele is currently working on his third orchestral solo album, touring internationally as a solo artist and with The Nuts, and continuing to produce educational materials and courses.

“In this somewhat over-populated world of instrumental guitar music, this guy’s unique technical and harmonic approaches really make him stand out from the crowd… plus, he plays every note like he really means it, which is most refreshing. Daniele rock!"

Guthrie Govan

“Daniele has a unique and exciting playing style, and he is also a fantastic composer, which is so refreshing! he is a true musician.”

Jason Becker




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