• Dunlop Picks

    After years of playing with very expensive picks, I found in the Jazz III and the Prime Tone Sculpted Plectra to be my favorite picks in terms of sound, definition, and comfort.
  • Eminence Speakers - Cannabis Rex

    With Eminence's Cannabis Rex speakers I finally found my tone. They are very reliable, both live and in the studio. They sound creamy and warm without losing focus or definition of attack.
  • Vigier Surfreter Supra

    The Vigier Surfreter Supra is an amazing guitar. It is helping me move beyond the timbre of the standard electric guitar, and will have an important role in my future playing.
  • Mama Pickups - D. Gottardo Signature

    This is my cool signature humbucker created by MAMA Pickup the expressiveness of his style without giving up sheer grit! Medium winding to ensure maximum dynamics. Crisp attack, definition and great sustain, ideal for tapping and shredding with personality. Suggested for use in a HSS configuration. Great coil splitting performance. Four-conductor shielded wire.
  • Eleven Electrix - Gottyboy Pedal

    Thought to have a great attack and to facilitate two-handed tapping and modern hammering techniques. The timbric is deliberately old-style, to counterbalance the definition of the notes even at very high gains. Four germanium stages and a highly sensitive passive equalizer circuit have been chosen for emphasizing the warmth of the sound. The result is pure versatility, ranging from blues, old fusion, up to modern shredding. Strengths of this effect include: incredible signal to noise ratio, clean during the transition between notes, warmth of the sound for beautiful lead sounds without compromises. Easy to adapt to any amp through an exclusive equalizer system. GOTTYBOY has been developed following Daniele Gottardo’s specific requirements.
  • Reference RIC-S01

    After having tested in the studio, I immediately decided to use them even live. The RIC-S01 cables beyond to give me back the high frequencies, they add a slight sustain that never hurts.