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Guitar Technique

Systems to simplify the visualization and retention of musical material (chords, positions, shapes, scales, and intervals)

Methods for the simplification of fingerings and connections, the development of fingerings depending on the musical context

Counterpoint techniques applied to melodic construction in improvisation and composition

Modern techniques of monophonic and polyphonic tapping ("finger tapping")

Development of technique according to sound, setup, control and expressiveness

Analysis of contemporary techniques of electric guitar (legato, sweep picking, hybrid picking, alternate picking, economy picking, mixed techniques)

Analysis of melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic vocabulary of the masters (from rock music to bebop)

Tonal and Modal improvisation

Transcription and study of solos

Building and preparing guitar solos

Practical examples of all the topics

Composition for Guitar Music

Basic course

Study of harmony and structural functions of harmony

Developing single musical ideas (motifs, phrases, periods, cadences, etc.)

Connection of different musical ideas (contrasts, repetitions, motivic unity, modulations, etc.)

Developing musical sections and song structure (introduction, verse, chorus, bridge, solo, etc.)

Analysis of form in song structure and repertory of instrumental guitar music

Development and arrangement of musical ideas or song structure

Advanced course

Reading in treble and bass clefs

Gradual reading of scores, from chamber to orchestral

Reading in alto, tenor and soprano clefs

Study of orchestral instruments and their registers

The five species of counterpoint

Counterpoint applied to the arrangement of a piece of music

Writing in two parts, three parts, four parts, and more

Harmonic analysis from the literature of music

Study of spacing of musical voices in the construction of an arrangement

Study of musical forms (song structure, instrumental music structure, minuet, sonata form, fugue)

Practical examples of all the topics

Applied Harmony

Tonal functional harmony

Modulation and neutralization

Riemann's dualistic concepts of harmony

Extended harmony

Chromatic harmony

Post-tonal harmony

Modal harmony

Mixing modes

Octatonic system

Hexatonic system

Whole tone system

Interaction between symmetric systems

Interaction between symmetric and diatonic system

Practical examples of all the topics

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