• Andrea Portera - Composer (2015)
    “When listening to the music of Daniele Gottardo, after a few seconds you will understand that we are faced with a great talent. But after a few minutes, it becomes clear that he is not just a “guitar virtuoso," but also a fine composer: deep, cultured, and with an open mind to the new and different, qualities that few others possess. His great technique is never an end in itself, and does not sin of narcissism, but supports the musical structure of his work with musicality and awareness, creating a synergy between the instrument and orchestra; his music has a strong impact, evocative and visionary. Inside his creativity, different ages come together.”
  • Steve Vai (2013)
    “Daniele Gottardo is one of those new breed of players that seems to have endless technique and a different kind of an ear for harmony. His playing sounds like liquid gold”.
  • Jason Becker (2013)
    “Daniele has a unique and exciting playing style, and he is also a fantastic composer, which is so refreshing! He is a true musician.”
  • Guthrie Govan (2013)
    “In this somewhat over-populated world of instrumental guitar music, this guy’s unique technical and harmonic approaches really make him stand out from the crowd… plus, he plays every note like he really means it, which is most refreshing. Daniele rocks”